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My Mission Is
To Help You Tell Your

An Approach You Can Rely On

You didn't choose to have a personal or family crisis, but you get to choose what happens next. My approach is highly personalized, innovative and evidence-based to help you achieve powerful change. My primary aim as a therapist is to help clients acknowledge, experience, and bear the reality of their lives in a warm, reflective and compassionate way. 

My holistic style approach lends a conscious, skillful and organic blending of various methods of healing that safely support you to engage all of your ways of experiencing- thinking, feeling, doing, and relating. At times, I will draw on an awesome network of holistic practitioners to deliver

360-degree treatment, including health coaching, naturopathic medication solutions, addiction specialists, and primary care providers all working together for your recovery.

Female Friends

Core Values

Social Justice

You are powerful.


You belong.

Cultural Competence

You have value and worth. 

Yes, you.

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