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Young Dietitian

Stop the War Against Your Body 

...and learn how to trust it again. 

Challenge the food police and make peace with food

No more judging yourself because of what you ate

No more counting, weighing, tracking, overthinking

Break free from diets that create feelings of failure 

WTH is
Intuitive Eating, Anyway?

We are all born intuitive eaters, then Diet Culture happens. Eat what TF you want, no really. 


I integrate psychotherapy with the 10 Principles of Intuitive Eating to help women and men who struggle with loss of control around food, emotional eating and negative self talk. I'll coach you through the principles of achieving (real) food freedom that honors your hunger and respects your fullness. 

I'm a weight-inclusive, non-diet practitioner here to provide a framework for eating that helps you to reject the internalized Thin Body Ideal, detach from weight stigma and start feeling at home in your body! 

"I Thought Eating Disorders Only Happened In Privileged, Thin, White Suburban Homes. Is That Not True?"

Eating Disorders can sneak up on anyone and affect all races, ethnicities, people of any sexual orientation, religious following, and economic standing. Black and brown communities are less likely to seek help to address patterns of disordered eating. One of the best examples of an overlooked diagnosis is atypical anorexia because people in a larger body can experience anorexic symptoms. BIPOC are significantly less likely to be questioned by doctors about eating disorder symptoms, therefore are at risk of suffering for a longer time. 

Why are BIPOC communities at

risk of disordered eating?

Have you ever been warned to finish your plate even if you're already full because your family couldn't afford to create waste?

Maybe you struggled with food insecurity in the home and limited access to fresh, healthy foods because of a low-income?

Come from a home that was weight-centric and offered unsolicited comments about your body size? 

Could it be possible that weight- and race-related microaggressions kept you on a train of shame and dieting to overcome trauma? 

you're in the right place. 

If you're looking for a safe space as a person of color, or an ally of the BIPOC community, and having a hard time trusting your body when making choices on what to eat, I can offer you tools to experience food peace. Are you here to ask about the latest fad diet to support weight loss goals? Don't worry, I have something for you too. I have a wonderful list of dieticians that can assist 'ya.

Wellbeing is not centered around weight. Here we'll explore where you first lost trust with your body in a thereaputic environment to overcome the effects of weight stigma & diet culture without shame

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